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how we got here

the short answer? with all your support 🤍

Interest in physical wellness rises
People got serious about staying physically fit, leading to a boom in gyms, diet plans, and other physical fitness-related products. The rise of physical wellness culture linked exercise and health, making physical fitness a lifestyle
Interest in mental wellness rises
In a shift towards mental wellness, a growing awareness of the connection between mental health and overall wellbeing spurred a (still ongoing) surge in mental health conversations. This trend saw the emergence of mindfulness apps, therapy platforms, and stress-relief products
We create Lumhaa
Shriya, our founder, dedicated her Princeton senior thesis to finding something that could make us happy in ~5 minutes. When her experiments found that memory jars made us feel happier, less lonely, and more psychologically well off; she decided to create Lumhaa and help others build memory jars
We grow as the memory jar company
Lumhaa grew to 194 countries, and ranked in Apple and Google's top social apps in ~90 countries. We added a physical product store, B2B memory jar subscription, and soon noticed something interesting: most people were building memory jars in pairs or groups. What started as a sort of journaling app was quickly becoming a relationship-focused social media type business
We expand into relational wellness
We leaned into the relationship angle, because we think the next wellness revolution after physical and mental is going to be relational. Once people realize the impact of their close relationships on their quality of life, we're going to see a new industry take off. Lumhaa aims to be ahead of that curve and solve all our relationship and relational wellness needs, starting with our 25 thoughtful ways to connect

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