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    Lumhaa helps us capture and reflect on
    our memories with loved ones using memory jars.


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Our research shows that making memory jars and reviewing them later increases happiness, reduces loneliness, and boosts all six measures of psychological well being.

The Lumhaa App

Relive your memories and capture new ones

  • Collect text, photos, videos, and voice recordings into memory jars
  • Invite others to fill your memory jars with you
  • Enjoy calendars, maps, and home movies of your memories together
  • Find your community by joining memory jars centered around life experiences

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Family Tree

Add stories to your family ancestry

  • Create time capsules for all your family members and upcoming family events
  • Share stories and pictures for weddings, birthdays, and more
  • Relive your family memories and learn about your ancestors


In-person experiences and personalized stories

  • Talk to our trained interviewers and receive a virtual memory jar of your memories
  • Memory jar making workshops designed to make your teams feel happier, closer, and more motivated
  • Memory jar making booths where guests can decorate and fill memory jars throughout your event

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Personalized jars housing meaningful memories

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Treasured memories pinned in the places they occured

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Family Trees

Handmade tree depicting family members

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Memories are being made all across the world. Find people with similar experiences to you.

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