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Collect memories. Co-experience life. Immortalize moments.

We used award winning psychology research at Princeton University to create experiences that help you collect memories, celebrate
moments with loved ones, co-experience life around the world, and write a more human history.

Empower your Teams

Partner with us for our signature memory jar making workshops, which have been shown to increase happiness, psychological well-being, motivation, and team bonding -- all while having fun!

Connect through Memories

Create digital memory jars filled with photo, video, voice, and text memories. Co-experience life with loved ones by inviting them to private memory jars or with people around the world with public jars.

Live beyond Screens

Give the perfect gift of physical tiles featuring special memories. Or subscribe to build a memory wall in three steps -- send your favorite memory each month, approve a design crafted by our experts, and await your tile.

Elevate your Experiences

Elevate your events -- weddings, retirements, birthdays, holiday parties, bridal showers, baby showers, dates, and more -- with our custom physical memory jar making and recording experiences.

Make a Memory Jar