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Lumhaa Birthday Jar

I ordered a jar filled with everyone's birthday wishes for my friend. It turned out to be exactly how I pictured it and she absolutely loved it! It's a really cool idea and makes the perfect gift for anyone :)

Lumhaa Baby Jar

Our family just started a memory jar for our baby in the Lumhaa app. Can't wait to give it to her when she's 18!

Lumhaa BFF Shared Memory Jar

I use this with my college buddies to document every semester, it's awesome!

Lumhaa Statue

Lumhaa is my secret weapon for my girlfriend. It takes me 5 minutes to send her something personal and cute, which really helps when we fight

Lumhaa Prompts

Lumhaa is a life saver! All my friends live abroad, so we use this to keep in touch by answering the questions it sends us once a month

Lumhaa 3D Frame

The personalization and detailing on this is class. Will be ordering again for sure

Lumhaa Party T

I love Lumhaa's conversation cards, especially for office parties and road trips. They're literally the perfect ice breakers, and I've even gifted personalized versions to many people

Lumhaa Canvas Grid

I love love love Lumhaa's gifts! They're always fun and special, like this canvas grid I got for a milestone birthday


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