We Are The Memory Company.

In 2018, our award-winning research showed that reliving memories can make you feel happier, less lonely, and better understood. That’s why we made this company -- to highlight the humans behind the histories, to immortalize special moments, and to help you see how your story fits into the world. Because every day, we dream about living in a world where everyone feels loved, understood, and welcome.

Our signature experiences include:

  1. LumApp: A “global pensieve”, where people can create digital memories with loved ones and connect with people around the world based on shared experiences
  2. LumLinks: Custom web links where groups can post and see real time memories at events such as concerts and sports games
  3. LumTeams: Memory-based team wellness and bonding programs involving crafts, shared reflections, science-based prompts, and high-energy activities
  4. LumWalls: Physical products such as memory tiles handcrafted and personalized for you by artists in emerging communities around the world
  5. LumEvents: Personalized interviews, activities, and party favors leading up to and during events such as weddings, birthdays, holiday parties, bridal shower

Welcome to your thousand lives. Welcome to Lumhaa.

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