We Are The Memory Company.

At Lumhaa, we dream about living in a world where everyone feels loved, understood, and welcome. Our award-winning research showed that writing and reading memories -- both your own and other peoples’ -- can make you feel happier, less lonely, more loved, better understood, and can also heighten your sense of purpose in life. That’s why we made you this app.

Here are some things you can do with Lumhaa:

  1. Create memory collections using text, photos, videos, and voice notes;
  2. Invite others to collaborate on memory jars for your family, school, workplace, and events such as birthdays, weddings, and graduations;
  3. Browse different locations, times, emotions, and themes of memories around the world;
  4. Take a memory walk - see memories on your screen as you pass by the locations where they were made in;
  5. Order your memory collections in the forms of photo books, embroidered quilts, engraved tiles, and other specialty item- all handcrafted by artists of your choice from around the world (COMING SOON).
  6. Relive and immerse yourself in your own and others’ memories through virtual reality and our immersive memory rooms (COMING SOON).

Meet Our Founder

Shriya Sekhsaria is the founder and CEO of Lumhaa. When she was about four years old, her family was convinced that she would be kidnapped because of her habit to ask strangers about their life stories. Since then, she’s been dreaming about different versions of Lumhaa and hopes it will tackle the two problems she cares most about -- loneliness and a rising lack of empathy in the world. Outside of Lumhaa, Shriya is a nationally ranked archer, a best-selling novelist, and enjoys time on stage and on trading floors. She graduated from Princeton University (summa cum laude, phi beta kappa) with a degree in Psychology and certificates in entrepreneurship, european cultural studies, and finance. Read her founder’s letter to learn more.