We Are The Memory Company.

At Lum, we believe that life is like a movie. Movies are defined by frames weaving together stories that flow seamlessly. Lives are defined by memories weaving together moments that create magic.

Lumhaa exists to elevate those moments in life, and to savor the gaps between the frames.

In 2018, our award-winning research showed that creating and (re)visiting memories can make you feel happier, less lonely, more connected to the world, and better understood. That’s why we made this company -- to highlight the humans behind the histories, to immortalize special moments, and to help you see how your story fits into the world. Because every day, we dream about living in a world where everyone feels loved, understood, and welcome.

Welcome to your thousand lives. Welcome to Lumhaa.

The Latest

Sekhsaria '18 turns senior thesis into $2.5 million startup Lumhaa

Shriya Sekhsaria ’18 used her lifelong interest in collecting memories as inspiration for her senior thesis. This summer, she took that interest a step further by turning her thesis into a startup company called Lumhaa with the help of the Keller Center.

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Feeling lonely? Build and share a trove of golden memories with Lumhaa

Imagine being able to store and share some of the unforgettable incidents in your life. Well, people maintain diaries, to jot down some important and unforgettable happenings in their life. But even their near and dear ones won’t get to see these pages because a diary is considered very personal.

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9 Jan 2019Covaimail

Cherish memories online with Lumhaa

Coimbatore: Memories are something everyone is fond of. It brings back those happy memories making us feel more energetic especially in times of loneliness.Keeping this in mind, Lumhaa, a Unique website & Mobile application was launched by Shriya Sekhsaria to help people cherish their best memories.

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8 Aug 2018Princeton

Weekly Profile Wednesday: Shriya Sekhsaria '18

Meet Lumhaa founder and CEO Shriya Sekhsaria '18, currently in the Keller Center's eLab Summer Accelerator. Shriya graduated summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa, in June with degree in Psychology and certificates in entrepreneurship, European cultural studies, and finance.

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28 July 2018Siblinijournal

An Interview with Shriya Sekhsaria of Lumhaa

For the next 7 weeks, Siblini will be sitting down with 7 different young creatives—artists, technologists and entrepreneurs—to discuss how and why they pursue their passions.

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