• Lumhaa helps make private
    websites (“memory jars”) for
    individuals and groups to
    save and share memories. Jar
    members can also buy
    physical versions of their jar’s


Free, ad free private websites for your memories

Create a “memory jar”. Fill unlimited photos, videos, sounds, and notes. Invite other people to add and see memories. Perfect for personal diaries, birthday gifts, and more.


Portfolios of memories for schools and colleges

Schools and colleges give each student a controlled, private digital memory jar upon admission. Students add reflections, photos from trips, documentation of work in progress, publications, and other experiences they care about; so by graduation they have a portfolio of work and memories on a private link to keep forever. Teachers post feedback, and invite families to stay updated and contribute (especially for younger students).


See your memories beyond the screen

Order physical products customized with memories from your jars. All products also have a live link to the digital memory jar, so simply bringing your phone close to them will open the jar on your phone. Products include handmade jars, frames, scrapbooks, t-shirts, jewelry, and more

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As humans, we hold on to memories - sometimes to relive moments and sometimes to remember someone we have lost. We want to keep our memories alive and safe. This lets you do just that.... [Lumhaa] hopes that all your ...more

The New Indian Express

I made one with my family. Now instead of having all the photos in our family group message, which makes it almost impossible to retrieve older photos we just update the family jar. Can’t imagine life without Lumhaa now!


Lumhaa helps me stow away my daily experiences and emotions in little memory jars, be it with a short sentence, a voice memo, a picture, or a video. I can cherish the memories myself, and I can choose to share some of them with my friends ...more

König Wilhelm

Love the idea and design. We created a memory jar for our son’s 1st birthday party and asked family & friends to share memories/pictures/videos of their experiences with him (a custom URL was emailed). Lumhaa then ...more

Andrew Rozov

My special someone recommended this app to me. I gave a try and loved it. We have our special memories embedded there and whenever I feel low, I just open the app and see them and they never fail to put a smile on ...more


I absolutely love Lumhaa! I stumbled upon this and initially just wanted a place where I could sort through my photos without having the pressure of making them public. Jars are a perfectly intuitive way to do just that.

Anonymous iPhone User

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