Portfolios of memories for each student and class

Make memory jars.
Invite students, families, and teachers to add memories.
Keep jar links forever.
Order physical versions of memories.

Owners & Admins

Engage your community, build your database of memories, and earn revenue

Demo Demo (Hindi)

Engage families and alumni

with real time notifications from teachers and students

Build an unlimited database

with memories from each student and graduating class

Readymade content and gifts

for newsletters and occasions like retirements, graduations, and beyond

Earn commission

from physical product orders given by students and families (optional)

Teachers & Educators

Get recognized for your work. Make communication and documentation easy.

Demo Demo (Hindi)

Making your teaching visible

by sharing snippets with families and school admins

Automatically generate a portfolio

of your work while posting for students and classes

Give students a voice

through their digital journals and messages from family members, so you can address areas for growth better

Interact with families easily

and meaningfully through automatic notifications (text, email, in app) when you post or comment

Parents & Families

Contribute to your child's journey and stay up to date with their progress

Demo Demo (Hindi)

A private link you keep forever

with memories from your child’s first day to graduation

Participate & stay updated

by posting yourself and seeing messages from teachers

Invite other family members

to see what’s going on with your child and add memories, especially during graduation time

Get personalized products

featuring memories from your child’s time in school or college


Build your portfolio of school and college memories to keep forever

Demo Demo (Hindi)

Make your "portfolio"

by adding photos/videos of ongoing work and weekly journaling entries of things you’ve learnt

Collect feedback in one place

by requesting comments and reviews from internship supervisors, partners, and teachers

Share your jar code

with admissions offices for further studies or on your resume for job hunting to give an authentic look into your work and experiences from school and college

Get personalized products

featuring your memories to decorate your dorm room or to give as gifts for your classmates birthdays

Documenting their school activities helps us keep parents in the loop. During the pandemic, it helped parents keep us in the loop of what their wards were up to at home.

Mythili Pada,
Founder, Vriksha Patashala

A glowing story of helping people maintain and improve upon their mental health, and in these trying times, that is the highest form of contribution to mankind


[Every student] puts up all their pictures, activities, projects, and achievements during their time in school. This is especially important during college admissions abroad

B Akhila,
IT Head, CS Academy

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