• Every moment is a memory waiting to be made

    The best thing about memories is making them. The second best thing about memories is reliving them. That’s where we come in.

Make a memory jar

Memory jars are spaces you share with people you love. Create your own jars for your favorite hobbies, family, school, workplace, or events like birthday parties, weddings, and graduations.

Invite others and add memories

Fill your memory jars with photos, videos, sounds, and notes that matter to you. Or invite people you care about to fill your jars with you.

Organize old memories

Upload your old photos and videos into your jars. The app figures out when and where the photos were taken, and automatically tags the memory's locations and dates for you.

See your memory jars in new ways

Enjoy automatic memory movies, maps, and calendars for each of your jars. Or relive your life through your personal memory maps and calendars made from your memories across jars. Available only on our app.

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Start creating memory jars and seeing them in unique ways.

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