• Every moment is a memory waiting to be made

    The best thing about memories is making them. The second best thing about memories is reliving them. That’s where we come in.

Build memory jars with people you care about

Memory jars are collections of photos, videos, texts, and voice memories. Create your own digital jars with your friends and family for your family, school, workplace, or events like birthday parties, weddings, and graduations. Enjoy the resulting memory maps, calendars, and movies that celebrate your lives and relationships.

Relive your life with a daily walk down memory lane

Start each day with a throwback of your memories created across years on that day, all collected from your phone and favorite social media apps. Go through the day by adding memories to events you’ve created for that day; and end each day with reflections prompted by our curated questions.

See memories from around the world

Browse your own memories and public memories around the world by different locations, specific times, various emotions, and themes of memories around the world. These public memories, which are enroute to forming the world’s biggest memory collection, are centered around different life experiences like shopping for engagement rings and communities like fitness enthusiasts.

Join the family

The Lumhaa app is a digital community that ranges from personal diaries where we add one memory a day, to a place where we store day-to-day happenings like gym workouts, to a treasure trove of family and company histories. We can’t wait to welcome you into this world!

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