hi, i'm koa

Lumhaa Koa

I like smiles, cuddles, and friends

Once upon a time, I had the fanciest house in the fanciest eucalyptus forest. But whenever I looked at all the happiness around me, I felt like I didn’t belong: I felt like loneliness was clawing at my furry little heart. So I set out to learn the art of building relationships, hoping to find some friends, love, and hugs. And that's how Lumhaa was created 🤍

My Work

I think memories are the most important treasures in life. That's why I'm building 5 things:

  1. Events & Wedding Scrapbooks
  2. Interactive Family Trees
  3. Memory Collection Interviews
  4. Shared Memory Jars
  5. School Archives

My Favorite Product

My Connection Style

  • Stay In Touch

  • Play

  • Send

  • Learn

  • Remember

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Lumhaa Soalum


the lazy one

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the tough one

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the playful one

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the wise one

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