• Life is better when remembered together

    Memory jars are collections of photos, videos, texts, and voice memories that members can see in real time and for ever after

Make a memory jar

Memory jars are spaces you share with people you love. Create your own jars for your favorite groups of people or events like birthdays, weddings, and conferences.

Share your jar

Invite people to fill your jars using their phone numbers or emails. Or have them scan the unique QR code that is generated for every jar.

Add memories together: no download or account needed

Fill your memory jars with photos, videos, sounds, and notes that matter to you. Anybody with your secret link can directly add memories; no download or sign up required. No payment or storage limits!

Broadcast or export your memory slideshow

Enjoy a real time automatic slideshow of your memories -- as soon as someone adds a memory, you will see it updated on the slideshow, which can also be saved as a video. Ideal to compile wishes like birthday videos or to broadcast on screens at events!

Browse Sample Memory Jars

Browse memory jars for events, organizations, experiences, and communities around the world. Or build your own.

Millie’s 50th


Princeton Archery






Memories are being made
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Share your unique experiences with friends, family, or even strangers.

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