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we're doing this because science shows that sharing memories in a thoughtful way is good for ourselves and for our relationships

Lumhaa Memory Jars

memory jars

keep everything safe and make memories with your people

invite others to build memory jars together. or create private memory jars for your hobbies, relationships, groups, events, and more

  • Multimedia posts (photos, videos, text, audio, and PDFs)
  • Add descriptions, emotions, and captions to each post
  • Automatic date tagging and calendar generation
  • Easily share jar links with others (no download or sign up required for them)
  • Controlled viewership since people can only see the specific jar you invite them to
  • Private forever, with no ads or selling data
  • Reminder options include weekly, fortnightly, monthly, and never; so you can post / stay in touch however frequently you want to
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Lumhaa Memory Jars

event links

got an event coming up?

collect memories from all attendees, engage them with live slideshows, and preserve your event memories forever with custom event memory links. popular for weddings

  • Custom link design from world class designers
  • Unlimited storage and members on each link
  • Multimedia posts (photos, videos, text, audio, and PDFs)
  • No download or sign up needed just scan the QR code to see and add memories
  • Face recognitionon request
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Lumhaa Family Tree

family memory trees

want to preserve your family history?

capture your family history in one place with a digital family tree featuring memory jars for every member

  • Custom digital tree design from world class designers
  • Interact with member profiles and add new memories
  • Memory jars for every family member
  • Private forever, with no ads or selling data
  • Add ons include shared family calendars, maps, and more
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Lumhaa Shop

memory collection interviews

not sure what to put in your jars?

book a session with our expert memory collectors to help collect memories

  • Fun conversations to draw out memories from people of all ages
  • Just talk or send over old photos / videos and we'll do the rest
  • Chat with us on WhatsApp instead of getting on an interview call, if that's what you prefer
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