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build memory jars with your favorite people so you can celebrate your journeys together

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Lumhaa Memory Jars
Free Jars

Free jars hold up to 20 memories, and include unlimited shares / members

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Jars with unlimited memories, custom branding, and more

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Custom programs for schools and businesses to manage many premium jars

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we're doing this because science shows that sharing memories in a thoughtful way is good for ourselves and for our relationships

Lumhaa Memory Jars

private jars for yourself

keep everything important safe

create different memory jars for your hobbies, relationships, groups, events, and more

  • Unlimited storage in each jar
  • Multimedia posts (photos, videos, text, audio, and PDFs)
  • Add descriptions, emotions, and captions to each post
  • Automatic date tagging and calendar generation
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shared jars with your favorite people

make memories with your people, on your schedule

invite others to add memories into your jars, and set a reminder schedule for all jar members

  • Easily share jar links with others (no download or sign up required for them)
  • Controlled viewership since people can only see the specific jar you invite them to
  • Private forever, with no ads or selling data
  • Reminder options include weekly, fortnightly, monthly, and never; so you can post / stay in touch however frequently you want to
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do more with your memories

Creating your memory jar is just the beginning. Here are more things you can enjoy with your memories:

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