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KKG keeping it #Klassy

Still can’t believe that I joined a sorority. Or that all of them attended with coordinated mani-pedis and fancy (Indian) outfits!

FaceTiming the family

Because no matter the occasion; Mom will always be more popular than I am even with my own friends 😅

Can’t believe Al cried when I cut the cake

Seeing her so happy seeing me be so happy left behind one of those feelings I’ll always be grateful for — the feeling of knowing...more

Campus Club15-Oct-2017

And then, I believed in magic ✨

Being in the same room as the people who mattered most to me — all 100 who stayed the entire night, 500 others who dropped by, and...more

Campus Club15-Oct-2017

what’s a party without some Bollywood thumkas

What a wild night. The DJ and his sound system was 💯 worth it. Also, Chaiyya Chaiyya ✨

Campus Club14-Oct-2017

M representing M&Em 😍

Can’t believe she came all the way from New York for this with the *beautiful* whiskey glasses and Cardhu. Not sure it’s...more

Campus Club14-Oct-2017

The party plan!

The agenda that was emailed out to guests

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