Official memory jar of Lumhaa

Spring 2019

We started working with artists in emerging communities around the world to create handmade physical products personalized with users’ ...

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January 2019

We had our first official launch event, where we introduced Lum to the people of Coimbatore, India.

March 2018

Lumhaa officially becomes an LLC, marking the beginning of the registered company.

March 2018

Shriya takes on our first official social impact project where she made memory jars for 200 senior citizens with Alzheimer’s in 11 assi...

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February 2018

The Lumhaa website launches.

January 2018

After switching from Lamha to Lamhaa to Lum to Lumha, our name officially becomes Lumhaa.

October 2017

120 Princeton seniors made memory jars of their favorite memories of Princeton and then return later to read their own or anonymous other...

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February 2017

Shriya starts making art using memories, like this wall mural she made for Princeton Tower Club from members’ favorite memories.


Shriya worked with other “endangered people” like soldiers to create memory jars of their lives. She then extended her memory jar pro...

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Shriya started writing a book about the terminally ill children in India to raise money for their treatment. When some of the children pa...

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Shriya went to a boarding school far away from home. As a farewell present, her mother had made her a little book of her memories. Flippi...

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Shriya was 5 and had started collecting memories from strangers. She wrote them all in a little book she called “The Orphant Girl”. S...

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