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At the start of each year, Ani makes a personal diary memory jar on Lumhaa. Every day, she adds one good thing that happened - a photo of a sunset, a screenshot of a message, a video from her walk, or even a voice note of her friend's laughter. At the end of the year, she revisits her personal diary memory jar and looks back on the amazing year she's had ✨

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Lumhaa helps me stow away my daily experiences and emotions in little memory jars, be it with a short sentence, a voice memo, a picture, or a video. Perfect memory jar diary!

Konig Wilhelm

I like the idea of being able to write abuout what's going on in the picture. That way a few years down the road I can look back at it and relive all these memories!


I especially love my memories are automatically organized by time of logging, time of occurence, and location. With such handy feature I am able to literally find and relive my memories through time and space.

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