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Set up your guestbook in < 5 minutes

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Step 2: Collect Wishes

Share your custom guestbook link or put QR codes at your wedding to collect messages: no download or sign up needed for guests to post

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Step 3: Enjoy Wishes Forever

Enjoy messages on your link, or turn them into customized physical products

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every lumhaa guestbook is personalizable, easy, and forever ✨

Guestbook QR codes for invites + event decoration

Customizable questions and design

Automatic slideshows

Accessible forever

Personalized products on demand

perfect for all types of weddings

choose the guestbook size and format that's right for you

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The Standard Guestbook


Up to 20 messages, stays forever
No customization except guestbook name

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Lumhaa Cards with PDF

The Premium Guestbook 👑

$30 or Rs. 2500

Unlimited messages, stay forever + custom landing page + downloadable PDF of all messages

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Lumhaa Collections

Event-wise Guestbooks 👑

$100 or Rs. 10,000

Unlimited guestbooks with unlimited messages, ideal for couples who want different memory jars or message books for every event (e.g. one QR code for the wedding, one QR code for the reception, etc)

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you can also convert your guestbook into physical products

Lumhaa Interactive Book

The Book

Rs. 4000 (20 pages) + Rs. 500 for every additional 10 pages

Interactive A4 size book with all messages

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only, please contact us for delivery outside India

Lumhaa Interactive Frame

The Frame

Rs. 5000

10"x10" frame with highlights + QR code of all messages

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only, please contact us for delivery outside India

Lumhaa Jars

The Jar

Rs. 4000

Glass jar filled with interactive prints of unlimited messages

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only, please contact us for delivery outside India

frequently asked questions

Yes, for up to 20 messages! If you want to collect more messages, or do more with your guestbook (like get a custom link or a downloadable PDF), we now charge a small fee 🤍

We customize your URL (e.g. and your card (the cover photo, the landing page, and the welcome message) based on your instructions for all paid versions of the card. For the free option, we only provide a standard URL for you to collect messages. Here's an example of the customized version 🤍

Unfortunately, no more guests will be able to add messages until you pay for the guestbook. But don't worry, the first 20 messages will always be safe 🤍

You can add any type of messages you'd like - photos, videos, written notes, voice notes; they're all welcome (and not restricted by size, so if you want to add a 30 minute long video, do it!) 🤍

All you have to do is share your guestbook link with whoever wants to post! We can even help you embed your guestbook on your wedding website if you'd like 🤍

No download or sign up needed! Just click on the link and add messages 🤍

We have an optional field for everyone to enter their email addresses so we can keep your cards spam-free, and so that everyone can receive a thank you note once the guestbook is filled. The couple being celebrated can also go and comment on each message, which automatically goes as an email to the person who posted it 🤍

Yes, of course! You can choose to turn your digital guestbook into a physical book, jar, or frame for an additional fee. Here are some options, but we're happy to work with you on custom orders as well 🤍

We convert each video into a QR code and print it. So whenever you bring your phone close to the printed code, the video automatically plays on your phone (no download or sign up required to play the videos either) 🤍

Yes, but we do have to charge a shipping fee (it's usually ~$20). Please contact us for exact pricing 🤍

love in every #lumhaa

Lumhaa Wedding Invites

We added the guestbook QR to all our invites, and the link came out perfect! Super easy for everyone to upload their messages, now our friends are doing this too

Char, Bride
Lumhaa Wedding Book

We had a great time adding photos and videos from our phone to everything the photographers and our friends had already added. Our friends had an even better time adding comments and their own memories and messages from the wedding

Ash & Tara, Wedding Couple
Lumhaa Interactive Book

Everything from order to retouch was very smooth. Our venue was off the grid, so the Lumhaa team even helped build an offline version of the link for guests to add messages and memories. Kudos, will be working with you again

Kari, Wedding Planner

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