Plans and Pricing

Every Lumhaa account includes the following:

Unlimited memory jars with unlimited members

Memories as photos, videos, voice notes, text, and PDFs

Automatic slideshows, maps, and calendars

Privacy, with no ads or selling data

Free jars have a limit of 30 memories. You can make a one-time payment of $12.99 (or ₹ 1000) on each jar to remove its memory limit forever, or you can get one of the following subscriptions, which will remove the memory limit on all jars you create:

Please note that Lumhaa Education pricing for Indian schools works differently. For detailed Lumhaa Education pricing, click here

We also have 3 options for people who want to do more with their memory jars:

πŸ’ Event & Wedding Links

Collect all event memories in one permanent online scrapbook featuring different memory jars for each sub-event and memories from all guests

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🌲 Family Trees

Get a customized digital family tree featuring memory jars for every member so you can capture your family history in one place

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πŸ›οΈ Physical Products

Nostalgia filled collections, tools, games, and personalized products linked to your digital memory jars

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Here are some frequently asked questions about our pricing:

Yes, but every jar you create will have a limit of 30 memories. If you want to remove this limit, we recommend Lumhaa Premium. If you also want to have admin control over who can access and post in your jars, we recommend Lumhaa Education or Business

Depends! If you only have 1-2 memory jars or are making a jar for an occasion like a birthday, making one-time payments on each jar to make sure they are unlimited forever makes most sense. If you have 10+ jars, are interested in making more, and would like regular personalized physical products, a subscription makes more sense

Lumhaa Premium subscribers on the monthly payment plan will receive a personalized canvas (India only) or poster (International) every month. Lumhaa Premium subscribers on the annual payment plan can choose from this list of personalized products. Lumhaa Education and Business subscribers receive a 5% discount on all physical product orders instead of free physical products

You will be able to see 30 memories in every jar you created, and the remaining memories in each jar will be blurred out until you either renew your subscription or upgrade each jar. Jars that were previously upgraded (i.e., a one time payment was made on the jars) are unaffected by subscriptions ending and will continue to show all memories and allow new memories forever

Subscriptions only affect the jars you create. If you have a subscription and you create the jar, anyone can add unlimited memories to it. However, if someone who does not have a subscription creates the jar, then everyone -- including people with active subscriptions -- will only be able to add 30 memories to it

We charge a flat rate per insitution depending on how many students it has. For example, if a school has 1000 students, the monthly subscription charge will be ₹ 2000 + GST/month (India) and $100/month (International) for the entire school. The entire pricing table is available here