Lumhaa World is a service we crafted for large organizations with three goals in mind:

Company Culture

Recruitment Strategy

Company History

With Lumhaa World, we help you do the following:

Set Up Memory Collections:

Our interviewers can interview your employees and students to start off your institution’s memory collection.

Send Out Prompts:

Choose from our list of memory prompts such as “most fulfilling work memory” or “most inspiring conversation with a mentor” -- or create your own -- for us to send to your students or employees each day.

Maintain Memory Reserves:

We provide and maintain our multimedia platform for your students or employees to record, organize, and share their memories.

Curate Public Memory Collections:

We help make videos, web pages, or social media content using memories your employees or students agree to share publicly.

Customize Memory Filters:

Choose criteria that your employees and students can sort through memories using. Examples include different divisions in a company and student organizations on a college campus.

Capture Memories at Events:

Our team can help collect memories from guests at events such as conferences or reunions and then enjoy the video or web compilations of memories at the end.

Current Clients

We create memory jars and collect content for each individual, team, and program hosted at the Keller Center over the summer.

Keller Center

We assemble physical memory jar kits for every girl participating in the HomeWorks program.