Full life, fuller heart

20,000 days of Caroline with Stevie, Dan, and Chris

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These 3 have my whole heart

Really felt like we needed to make stars align with schedules; but it was so nice to be able to take a family vacation with...more

The boys moving out

Soon it was time for the boys to move out into the world . After graduation , they both were home for 2 months and were moving to...more

Graduation time for the boys

We had been praying the whole time that Daniel and Cristopher graduations are at different times . Luckily they were a week apart...more

United States24-May-2018

Celebrations Again

This time Stevie and me both were turning 50 years old . I felt that both of us had literally grown up together . The boys were...more


Collage admissions for the twins

Both the boys were toppers in school . Luckily one got into Upenn and the other into MIT . It was such a proud moment for Stevie ...more

Celebrations time

It was my moms 75 th bday and all the siblings decided to take mom on a family vacation . A few of her grandchildren had got...more

The twins schooling

The twins schooling

Both the twins were like chalk and cheese . One was extremely good at sports and the other was extremely good at academics . But...more

San Francisco15-Mar-2000

Silver anniversary

Soon Stevie and me were married for 25 years . Gosh it seemed like we had gotten married just now . Suddenly our house was filled...more


We were just settling in and Stevie got a big promotion and we had to move states . Since the twins had settled very well at school...more

San Francisco15-Aug-2002

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