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Thank you, thank you!!

Thank you, thank you!!

Thank you for coming in and doing such a meaningful activity... They really enjoyed making the jars and hearing stories of others!


Our very own company time capsule

Our very own company time capsule

What a great way to document our company history -- and celebrate all the little milestones even I had forgotten about!

Going Digital!

Our first digital workshop making memory jars!

Share Out!

Putting up aspirations and favorite moments while laying down a foundation for this wall of memories, which will soon be a permanent...more


A true source of happiness

A true source of happiness

Thank you for bringing us so much happiness. We truly enjoyed it.

Reflecting on life

Using science backed prompts to fill their jars with memories from all phases of life

Deep in concentration

As they decorated jars

I couldn't believe the stories!

I've been with these girls for such a long time, but have never before heard about their aspirations and their lives before joining...more

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