Show Sha: S Turns 21!


Official save the date

Printed, hand addressed, and delivered to every attendee a few weeks before the event


Hour 37+ of getting #TalliWithShri

😴 πŸ’€ πŸ› Taking a nap, despite a few guests still left to check out β€” oops 😢 But also, what an iconic weekend that was :)


one of the best gifts

Hour 30 of getting #TalliWithShri: getting my Memory map of campus with all my favorite memories!


Clean up crew keeping things fun

Can’t believe they came over at 1:30 am after their shows to help clean up quickly and head to the after party!


Shutting it down πŸ™ŒπŸ½

Bollywood = bliss Bringing in the birthday in style with a 10 minute impromptu dance countdown surrounded by some of the best people in...

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Home is where the heart is

And the heart is in this frame


Cant believe we filled 3 floors of wallpaper with messages

Or that Nick travelled 16 hours to make this event πŸ˜…


oops 😬

People catching me stealing icing off the cake while waiting for an actual knife to cut it πŸ‘€πŸ‘€


Cupcakes with memes of my face πŸ‘€

Birthday gift from πŸ‹ ✨


KKG keeping it #Klassy

Still can’t believe that I joined a sorority. Or that all of them attended with coordinated mani-pedis and fancy (Indian) outfits!


FaceTiming the family

Because no matter the occasion; Mom will always be more popular than I am even with my own friends πŸ˜…

Campus Club15-Oct-2017

Can’t believe Al cried when I cut the cake

Seeing her so happy seeing me be so happy left behind one of those feelings I’ll always be grateful for β€” the feeling of knowing I ha...

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