Princeton Archery

PCA! PCA! Shots, shots, shots!

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Back when wild archery pregames were a thing

Our first “welcome back to school” party

Just a really wholesome Halo Pub trip

With the Board and Newbs

Halo Pub09-Oct-2015

Activities Fair: 2015

Welcoming the Class of 2019!

Dillon Gymnasium16-Sep-2015

Year End Celebration: 2015

Olivia T '15, one of our social chairs, was very hard at work for this event a.k.a the day she invented the Jorge Bomb and the Shriya!


The most iconic afterparty

After our first Nationals, we all went to Masa Sushi for all you can eat. We had to wait 20 minutes for a table though, so we...more

Patton Hall16-Mar-2015

First team nationals!

James Madison University15-Mar-2015

One of our first Halo Pub outings

Now a long standing team tradition!

Halo Pub07-Feb-2015

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