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Jegannathan Karthigeyan, Artist

I felt like I always know my ways with the brush. Ever since I was a child, I keep seeing a face which I have drawn in countless...more


Radha, Ethnic Crafts

I'm Radha. 65 years old. Living in a village near Erode in Tamil Nadu. About 25 years ago, I was living in Yercaud (Shevaroy hills...more

Erode, India18-May-2020

Maria Clara Otani, Kotami

Shopping for clothes has always been a challenge for me. I’ve always had trouble reconciling my love for clothes with the...more

Paris Gramann, Just Be Books LLC

The story Just Be, was a silly story I wrote as a text bed-time story to a friend 6 years ago. It was supposed to be a joke, but I...more


Haylee Warner, Healing Haylee

I decided to make Healing Haylee when I noticed how I felt working with people individually, pulling from all my holistic health...more


Vikram Ingleshwar, Ruchkar Solapur

Seeing my mother and mother-in-law getting old and wishing someone would serve them home-cooked food, my wife and I decided we had...more

Ruchkar Solapur Pvt. Ltd.

Ruchkar Solapur First Marketing stall

Foodsasa Story

Sunday afternoon somewhere in Tanzania, Four young men were so hungry and didn't know what to do! No one wanted to step out after...more


Shriya Sekhsaria, Lumhaa

This looks like a blurry picture of an ordinary (messy) corner of a college dorm room. It is. But it’s also the spot I spent...more

Princeton University14-Sep-2015

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