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Social Distancing Wedding

When you take social distancing to another level .

Love is forever

Love is , wanting to still get married on the original date despite the pandemic

When love is forever

When love knows no bounds and you still get married without any guest , lavish parties or any function , just to be with the love of...more

Parsi Wedding

A Parsi wedding takes place on a stage in an agiary (fire temple). Before the groom steps on the stage, the bride's mother performs...more

Fire Temple19-Apr-2020

Rustic wedding

My cousin shannon marrying her soulmate chad.

A new journey

It's the start of the New Year and the start of a new journey for me and Karri. Thanks to some good friends and good family we had...more

A break in the wedding

This is still one of my favorite getting ready pictures from the wedding, Adam trying to explain a joke to Tara and the rest of us...more

Scrolling at the wedding

I'm so antisocial that I'm sitting on Tumblr at my own wedding... Tumblr user kittykatkaitlyn16

Outdoor wedding

I just realized I never uploaded pictures on my wedding! But guys, I got married on June 1st of this year! These are some of my...more

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